RMCS Retail Management System

  • Designed for single and multi-store retail businesses with any number of stores.
  • Australian made, market proven system. Over the past 30 years RMCS has looked after and worked closely with apparel/footwear retailers Australia wide and New Zealand.   Our expertise and depth of experience is a great asset when it comes to helping business owners drive their retail computer system in their business to increase profitability: maximize sales opportunities,  reduce costs in work processes and staffing, stock holdings, understand and improve your Return on Stock.
  • Real time data for Head Office and all stores
  • Unlimited support by RMCS staff  7 days a week, 9am to 10pm . No online forms to fill out to request support.
  • Work remotely from your home, the beach, anywhere. Quickly check how your stores are performing and do whatever work you need to do, just as you would when you are at your office.
  • Use your smartphone or tablet to see how your business is doing at anytime, anywhere. View Sales$, COGS, GP$ for each Location and Totals.  Sales transactions displayed are itemised for each Location, with Totals.
  • RMCS Retail Management System is currently used at clothing, footwear, bags & travel goods, giftware, jewellery and  accessories retail businesses.


  • RMCS integrates with a number of popular software tools, allowing you to quickly synchronise your data between applications.


Point of Sale

  • All sales transactions, Lay-By Sales, Account Sales. Customer Orders, Alterations. Gift Cards and Gift Voucher sales.
  • Display image of product at sale transaction
  • Real-Time Stock on Hand lookup for all stores
  • Integrated EFTPOS
  • Interstore transfers. Audit Stock In-Transit at Head Office
  • Customer Loyalty program
  • Clock On/Clock Off   for  Payroll Timesheets
  • Hourly sales analysis to assist with staffing, identify busy periods
  • Manager’s reports analysing  KPI’s for individual staff members and whole store performance. Top Sellers and Manager’s reports at store level.
  • Stock Replenishment reports.
  • Full audit of takings for each store at Head Office daily
  • Touch screen optimised

Asset 6

Stock Control

  • Specialized for apparel & footwear businesses, with Style, colour & size (and fit where required) matrix
  • Purchase Orders to Suppliers, extensive tracking and reporting
  • Purchases Invoices from Suppliers
  • Extensive reporting on sales, stock, profit analysis, staff performance, store performance,  Return on Stock % by Supplier.
  • Different prices for smaller/ larger sizes. Markdown only a slow selling colour or size in a Style.
  • Different prices for different Locations.
  • Stocktake Analysis and Stocktake Variance reports. Stock Writedowns.
  • Effectively and accurately track stock and sales, top selling Styles/ slow sellers at each store and consolidated for the business.
  • At all times you will have visibility of Sales, Cost of Sales and Profit $ of each store, Department, Categories, Supplier and consolidated for the whole company for any period you choose.
  • Print your own barcoded labels, or use manufacturers’ barcodes.


Customer Loyalty

  • Sophisticated customer rewards program designed to drive sales by encouraging repeat customers
  • Full details of all customers’ purchases. You will know what, where and when your customers are shopping in your stores, how much they have spent in any period.
  • Customer database to enable effective marketing via sms or email
  • Targeted marketing by Label, specific Styles, colours or even sizes.
  • Full integration of customer details to MailChimp email marketing platform


Accounts Payable

  • Purchases Invoices as entered in Stock Control
  • Drill down to view all Purchases Invoice details
  • Payments to Suppliers, settlement discounts if applicable
  • Aged Trial Balance, Ledger Listing, Remittance Advice


Accounts Receivable

        Full functionality of Accounts Receivable system.

  • Drill down to view all details of a Debtors’ sales Invoices, Cash Receipts.
  • Debtors Ledger
  • Aged Trial Balance
  • Debtor Statements


Wholesale Management System

If your business is Retail and Wholesale, you will use the one database for your whole business – Retail and Wholesale.

  • Enter Sales Orders by Style, colour and size.
  • Consolidate Sales Orders and convert into Production Orders.
  • EDI for Production Orders, Sales Orders, Wholesale Invoices
  • Sales Orders analysis, including by Agents
  • Sales Order Distributions. Pick Lists printed in aisle order to assist with efficient picking.
  • Scan Pack at Warehouse to ensure only what is on Sales Order will be supplied and Invoiced out to Debtor.
  • Full and extensive reporting on Sales, Sales Orders, Stock management by Style, colour & size, and consolidated.
  • Top Sellers reports, Sales Analysis by Debtor
  • Agents’ Commission reports